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Responsible Tourism by Harold Goodwin

‘Tourism and The Doughnut Economy’ by Harold Goodwin


Travel & tourism — and humanity — is faced with perhaps its greatest challenge: the existential threat of climate change. The travel & tourism industry contributes to climate change via its GHG emissions, and is adversely affected by the extreme weather events that are the products of climate change. The sector now has to both mitigate and adapt.

Part I of this Horizon Paper paper reminds us that Earth is finite; that there are limits to growth; that climate change is an existential threat; and that denial is dangerous. 

Part II addresses the problem of defining terms such as ‘sustainability’ and ‘climate resilience’ in the context of interlocking crises.  

Part III examines limits to growth and planetary impacts, focusing on Kate Raworth’s ‘doughnut economics’, or seven ways of rethinking economics for the 21st century. 

Part IV considers the implications for travel & tourism of inadequate action in an emerging new climate-constrained world.

Download this Horizon Paper from TPCC.info/downloads

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