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Responsible Tourism by Harold Goodwin

Responsibility is being taken, progress is being made

Mark Jones posted in early January, “Things can only get better”, and warned, “Pessimistic readers may want to look away now.” Mark points to the work of Hans Rosling, who, in  Factfulness, reminded us that “health, but income inequality, child mortality, population growth, education, violence, crime and conflict and dozens of other topics” are better than they were.

You can test whether you are overly pessimistic on a wide range of sustainability and other issues here.

Every year in the Responsible Tourism Awards, we hear from those who have taken responsibility in businesses and destinations and have proven examples of how tourism can be made more sustainable. These are just a few of those that have crossed my desk In the last couple of weeks.

We know what the sustainability challenges are. We have the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and WTTC, amongst others, calling for positive impact tourism.

We know what needs to be done. Many more businesses and destinations need to take responsibility and make a difference.  We need to follow the leaders.


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