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Responsible Tourism by Harold Goodwin

LISTEN TO ANNA: We cannot waste any more time- we must act now to leave our world fit for future generations - for our children.

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO, & Claire Whitely, Head of Environment at the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (SHA), were amongst the first to sign the 2022 Responsible Tourism Charter, which updated the Cape Town Declaration adopted in 2002. In two decades, we have learnt a great deal about how responsible businesses can benefit themselves and their neighbours in destinations by adopting sustainable practices.

I was at their Mainstreaming Net Positive Hospitality Summit last week, where I heard Anna Dacam, Environment Programme Manager at the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, speak for the first time.

Listen to Anna and spread the word.

The SHA has donor members and partners representing globally 50,000 hotels, 7 million rooms, more than 270 brands and more than 40 supply chain and strategic partners Back in July I wrote here about the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s hospitality benchmarking framework tool. Developed with EY the tool will track and compare sustainability progress across each ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) topic within the Hospitality sector. This is a significant part of their Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality programme, “a practical, four-stage guidance framework as a free resource that supports all parts of the hospitality value chain to progress in a cohesive, strategic manner. It includes detailed action guidance for hotel operators, brands and asset owners, applicable to both single or multi-unit organisations.” As a UK-registered charity, they make resources freely available on their Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality website.

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