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Responsible Tourism by Harold Goodwin
May 13, 2024

Tourism businesses can contribute to local sustainable development when they upskill and employ local people and work with local SMMEs to buy locally produced goods and services. They can also facilitate sales by local people directly to tourists. View the short video on creating what Harvard economist Michael Porter calls shared value here. On the […]

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April 22, 2024
Beyond The Horizon

TPCC - Tourism Panel on Climate Change launches Beyond the Horizon Deep Dive Series – Prof. Harold Goodwin, author of ‘Tourism in a Finite, Climate Challenged World’ interviewed by Prof. Geoffrey Lipman. A lively discussion against the background of the TPCC 2023 Stocktake on why the tourism sector must better incorporate the realities of Planetary Boundaries into its actions and the applicability […]

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February 24, 2024
Business Opportunity for Southern Africa

Mejdi Tours has pioneered dual narrative tours to, amongst other places, Israel and Palestine and Northern Ireland. Their two-guide model equips groups with two local guides, each representing unique cultural, religious, political, and ethnic narratives. Africa is the world's most diverse content, it offers a great range of opportunities for "meet the people" experiential tours […]

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